Play It Forward

July 26th - 28th
Graffiti | Music | Dance| DJs | Production

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Play It Forward
Hip Hop Skills Sharing Weekend

"The thing about Hip Hop today is it's smart, it's insightful. The way they can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable." Barack Obama

Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-hop developed from several cultures including jazz, rock, tap, and American and Latino cultures. Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. The hip-hop culture is influenced by the following four elements: Turntabling (DJ-ing), Graffiti (art), MCs (rappers & spoken word), and B-boys and B-girls (Dance)

Workshop brief & outcomes:

  • Groups of 10-20 (TBC) mentees aged between 15-25 mixed gender
  • Mentees will work with mentors on a creative process.
  •  Mentees will work on activities, games and techniques.
  •  Mentees and mentors will decide on a theme to center the workshop and sharing.
  •  TAKEOVER Open mic and artist performance Saturday July 27th 2019
  •  By Sunday 28th July 2019 a short piece of individual or group work will be devised to showcase to an invited audience of industry peers, friends and family.

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St Kilda Hip Hop Festival | Melbourne's new home of Hip Hop

                                                                                      This project has been supported by the City Of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund